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Villa holidays - PROS and CONS

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

There’s no doubt that holidays change drastically the moment you have kids. We both thoroughly enjoyed Villa holidays pre babies and last summer Zoe had a holiday in a villa in Ibiza with friends and Georgia’s spent Easter in Cyprus in a villa and brought her Mum along too. We wanted to share our thoughts on what we’ve learned from our recent holidays as well as some tips we’ve picked up along the way.

The PROs are:

You have a full working kitchen so it’s easy and much more reasonable to get them snacks and prepare food. If you have a child with allergies this also makes your life a little easier than constantly explaining in perhaps another language of your child’s needs.

Naptime is easy- you can pop them down for their nap and enjoy time by the pool- just remember your monitor so you’re able to relax fully

You have a washing machine so you minimize that amount you bring away with you as you can easily throw on a wash when their favourite spiderman tshirt gets covered in chocolate ice-cream.

The kids can splash around in the pool and make as much noise as they like without you stressing about disturbing other holiday makers.

No need to worry about your whole family being squeezed into one cramped hotel bedroom

Now for the CONs:

There’s no kids club, evening entertainment or new kids they can make friends with like you benefit from in an hotel.

You don’t get a break from going to the supermarket, preparing and tidying up food.

There’s no cocktail menu to hand.

The joy of returning to your room after breakfast to a freshly made bed doesn’t happen- unless you can do a good job of training your partner…

MBM tips:

Do a villa holiday with another family- choose wisely – kids of a similar age will work well so they’ll entertain each other and be on a similar schedule re eating and sleeping.

OR Bring grandparents along- more adults means more hands to divide the tasks such as supermarket trips, prepping food, bbqing, lifeguard for the kids. Rotate the jobs and everyone is guaranteed downtime.

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