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Capsule school run look

There’s always lots of chat around ‘school run’ fashion. The reality is unless we’re going somewhere fancy or to a meeting after we’ve dropped the kids to school, 99.999% of the time we’re going to be in some form of activewear. Always with the intention of doing some exercise, whether that happens or not is a different thing.

Over the years we’ve built a capsule ‘chuck on for the school run’ wardrobe that we know we can grab and put on. It’s a simple formula, but if you’re looking for a fool proof, easy to put together outfit then this works every time.

1. A good white t-shirt- You do have to replace a white t-shirt every year, no matter how much you spend on it. We’ve tried and tested so many and for this sort of look the Cos oversized tee wins every single time.

2. An oversized sweatshirt- There are SO many great ones around. You’ll sometimes find us in bright styles with logos, but for a chic, paired back look a black or grey is a great option.

3. Black leggings- Everyone should own a comfortable pair of black leggings. You can spend a fortune on them but if you’re not running/going the gym this M&S pair do a great job.

4. A chunky gold necklace- The red lipstick of the accessory’s world. Add a gold necklace to pretty much any look and it will instantly elevate the whole look. The perfect addition when you’re running out the door.

5. A puffer coat- We live in the UK and that means, it’s there’s a huge chance it will be raining at 9am and 3pm! There are so many around depending on how much you want to spend. We love options with a drawstring waist or a bit of detail.

6. A beanie hat- Not only for keeping your head warm in the colder months, but also for hiding greasy hair. WIN WIN!

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