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Made by Mammas Careers is a completely new initiative in the recruitment space offering employers a personal approach to finding the right candidates by tapping into an existing pool of people who have been through the most intense course in organisation, multi-tasking and time management- parenting.

Women take up just 31% of leadership roles in the UK and we want to help change this statistic by marrying up flexible roles that support family life.
The Made by Mammas community was established in 2018 resulting in in a trusted network of 50k+ parents who we have supported in every aspect of their parenting journey through podcasts, events and social media. We now want to aid them in their return to work, career change or new job as we know just how valuable parents are in the work force
Not only will we find the right candidates to fill your roles, but we will also offer ongoing support to them to ensure they are able to flourish both in the workplace and at home.


If you are looking to advertise a role with us please email

We were after a flexible and experienced CMO to take control of our brand narrative and to give a mum’s view of our baby clothes product. The MBM team was proactive and very understanding of our needs and position as a start-up brand. The main benefit however was the quality of candidates, as Made by Mammas opened up to us the highly skilled, ambitious workforce of mums who are applying their talents to more flexible roles. 

Will Almond Co-Founder Sprootbaby 

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