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The world of work has changed. Covid, relentless campaigning and a shift in corporate thinking has transformed the way we work, when and where.

During the past 5 years of Made by Mammas we’ve heard about your struggles with work/ life balance and the hurdles you face when apply to roles after time spent at home with the little ones. We’ve had conversations with HR specialists, brands, companies and this felt the right thing to do, set up a space where we could connect our amazing community with employers who could offer the terms you need to be able to work and have a happy family home. 
These are the four types of flexible roles you can expect to see on here:
Part time-  a 4 day week or less

Working from home- either working from home the majority of the time or on a hybrid basis of work from home some days and office others

Working patterns- where the employee can work compressed hours 5 day week in 4 days or flexi working – ie leave at 3pm for pick up and then log back on and work for the remaining of your hours when the kids are in bed

If you are looking for a new role please email your CV to

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